This is an invitation for you to join me in the delightful duty of deliberate giving of thanks.  I must warn you that this cardio-vascular exercise of a spiritual nature may fill you with an irresistible and uncontrollable urge to sing, pray and glorify God.  Your heart rate is bound to increase, your joys intensify and no matter what you have experienced or are experiencing now (of a negative nature) will dissipate.  You may also be forced into extreme humility, pleasant tears, and deep meditation.  The exercise is simply this; below list just five things you are TRULY thankful for.  Mark the word “truly”.  No half-hearted thanks, or simple nodding of the head – but TRULY thankful for.  O.K., ready???






  Now, if you are truly thankful for the above – how are you going to express your thanks?  I’ll leave the answer to your personal meditations. I hope and pray we will all be truly thankful no matter what the Lord brings our way.

All By Grace

Grace, peace, and prayers,