“My heart overflows with a good theme, I address my verses to the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer” Psalm 45:1 (NASB)

  Some mornings we wake up with an attitude that the day is to be “endured” instead of “enjoyed”.  If such is the case this verse reminds us that our thoughts should not be focused on what we have to endure, be it work or otherwise, but on the One who endures forever – our King.

  When Isaiah peered into heaven before his eyes was a scene of unmatched majesty.  There was the Lord sitting on His throne in royal array.  His glory filled the entire realm of heaven as well as the whole earth.  Echoes of praise resonated throughout the regal chamber, Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord of hosts.  Thresholds trembled in the presence of such holiness.  The King is on His throne, ruling the universe with righteousness. Royal thoughts have a way of overflowing our hearts with a good theme.

  That which spills out of the heart is addressed to the King.  What do you we say to the Sovereign who made this day?  Dare we complain?  Do we express doubts as to His decree which governs all we will experience?  As subjects of the eternal Monarch who created and sustains all that is we must humbly bow and say with settled earnestness, My King – I am your servant – do with me as you please for Your Glory.  Now that’s a good theme.  And those who say this have written with their tongues an anthem of praise worthy of the One who rules the day.

  May your day begin and be filled with royal thoughts.  And when we stand with the King’s people I sincerely pray we will act and speak in a way consistent with being His subjects.

All By Grace