Job 38:22 “Have you entered the treasury of snow, or have you seen the treasury of hail…?

As the book of Job comes to an end the Lord speaks these words to Job “out of the whirlwind.”  God used the wind to get Job’s attention and then dealt very tenderly with his heart.  “Have you entered the treasury of snow…?” This is an unusual question which we may read without really thinking about it but the doctrinal implications are overpowering.

This past winter, when the snow was falling this verse came to mind.  As each flake drifted gently to the ground, or danced in the wind I couldn’t help but think how marvelous is God’s creative power.  How many snowflakes fell?  No one could count them all; surely the numbers would far exceed our wildest estimations.  Yet, each flake was unique in its design, no two are the same.  Some years ago a fellow Vermonter who bore the name “Snowflake Benson” took the initiative to photograph individual snowflakes (an undertaking that required much patience and innovation).  What meteorologists describe as simple ice-crystals “Snowflake” revealed to the world as works of art.  Each flake is an intricate, crystalline sculpture that surpasses in beauty the work of any artisan on earth.  Oh yes, the snow is a treasury of beauty and a massive library that bears testimony to the glory and power of God.

Funny isn’t it, how something as simple as snow, that we play in and sometimes complain about tells us as it silently covers the earth the glorious message that God is the Great Creator and Designer whose power is declared in His Creation – it is “plain to see”.

As we go through this day may our eyes be open to the creation around us and see the glory of God.  It will add a new dimension to our daily walk and fill our hearts with songs of praise and thanks

All By Grace